Why Choose Forget Me Not For Your Dementia Training?

Caring is an active engagement in the total well-being of the person – putting that person’s needs at the centre of everything you do for them. This includes promoting, preserving and encouraging their capabilities and interests.

Communication is very important, I always listen to what people have to say and respect other opinions, preferences and choices, and this ethos is applied throughout all our Dementia Training Courses.





Forget Me Not Dementia Training Making a Difference

People understand better when they relate key ideas to their own life and for many they learn while they are doing and engaged in hands on activities our Dementia Training provides this.

To achieve this, we need to share experiences with our colleagues and provide additional information for those staff who have an interest and enthusiasm for ensuring they are knowledgeable and confident in their approach and care delivery.

Your staff will be empowered to challenge common thinking about dementia, and to develop person-centred approaches to working with all people experiencing cognitive loss and different types of dementia.

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