Why Choose Forget Me Not?

Communication is very important, I always listen to what people have to say and respect others opinions, preferences and choices, and this ethos is applied throughout my programme.

Forget Me Not provides quality up to date dementia training to all in the care service. Bringing staff together exploring new ideas and developing team based commitment in the workplace.

The programme helps new carers coming into the workplace to understand and improve the environment and well-being of people with dementia.

Your staff will benefit from being inspired, motivated and energized about using new skills in the workplace.

Visit the Training page for more information on our training courses and workshops.

Caring is an active engagement in the total well-being of the person – putting that person’s needs at the centre of everything you do for them. This includes promoting, preserving and encouraging their capabilities and interests.

To achieve this we need to share experiences with our colleagues and provide additional information for those staff who have an interest and enthusiasm for person-centred care.

People understand better when they relate key ideas to their own life and for many they learn while they are doing.

Forget Me Not aims to train people in the right environment and the right atmosphere.