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This is me

This is me is designed to help support a person living with dementia or any other difficulty in communication.  It is a quick glance rather than a large document like a care plan so enables the user to get information about the person that is required quickly.  Its designed to be used in different settings like hospitals, day centres, respite care and community care.

‘Just think if you went into hospital and like to have 2 sugars in your tea, the tea is put in front of you without sugar, you sip it, but you are unable to communicate that it has no sugar, the likely hood is that you won’t drink it’.

Please feel free to download this document it can be completed by hand or saved and completed electronically Download Document


Doll Therapy in Dementia Care

Knowledge pack for care staff and families  Download Document


More useful resources

How to help and cope with suspicion, delusions and paranoia   Download Document

Understanding Incontinence in People Living with Dementia  Download Document

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