Dementia Care Practice Education Day for Families and Carers

Our Dementia Care Education Day is designed for families, carers, volunteers, wardens anyone that feels they would like to have more knowledge and practical tips to help people living with dementia. A key part of this day is meeting other people in a similar situation.

This one day learning event will increase awareness of dementia and the different types and help with some of the everyday difficulties many families come across.

This day has been designed for family and friends taking care of someone living with dementia. The day has a strong focus not just on dementia itself but also on increase your confidence and well-being in your caring role.

This Day is for you if:

  • you would like to gain a better understanding of your friend or family member living with dementia and how to support them
  • you would like to learn about the different types of dementia and how they can affect the brain as the dementia progresses
  • you would like to learn about strategies that may help when different behaviours come into play
  • you would like to be able to ask questions in a safe, supportive environment
  • you would like to meet other people who are taking care of a friend or family member with dementia in a similar situation to be able to chat about their experiences

Often after this day people say they feel relaxed and much more comfortable and positive about the situation, they can begin to make some positive changes to their lives and often to the lives of the person they are caring for.

Working together to support people caring for loved ones living with dementia in the community.