Doll Therapy & Reminiscence Workshop

For a person living with a dementia reminiscence can be a way to not only communicate with others but also affirm who they are and what they hey achieved in their earlier days. It can be a way to talk about the things that they can still bring out of “the bottom draw of the filing cabinet”.

We have combined our Reminiscence and Doll Therapy workshops to include some life story work too.


To understand that individuals are shaped by their past experiences and memories.

To be aware that a person with dementia often have a keen ability to recall memories from up to 60/70 years ago yet in the same moment forget what happened 30 mins ago.

To understand the benefits of doll therapy, the pros and cons and the research behind this therapy. To address any concerns including families, guidelines and how to introduce this therapy.


  • Increased awareness on how to initiate reminiscence
  • How to use and collect different props
  • Listen attentively and show an interest in the memories that are shared
  • Retain what you have heard and make reflective comments
  • Stimulate the senses and respond positively to both verbal and non-verbal attempts to communicate
  • Improved well-being
  • Mood enhancing
  • Have a good understanding about doll therapy and it benefits
  • Understand the guidelines to using doll therapy
  • Understand why Life Story work helps encourage better communication
  • How to use templates of start your own book