Dementia Workshops 


Dementia Care Practice Education Day for Families and Carers

Duration:  Full Day or 2 half days.

Do you look after a family member or a friend living with dementia? Perhaps you volunteer or support someone living in the community.

Our Dementia Care Education Day is designed for families, carers, volunteers, wardens anyone that feels they would like to have more knowledge and practical tips to help people living with dementia. A key part of this day is meeting other people in a similar situation.




Doll Therapy & Reminiscence Workshop

Duration: Half day (3hrs)

People living with dementia need every possible interaction to be not only enjoyable but also meaningful and positive.

This workshop introduces you to not only the values of Doll Therapy but also the benefits.

We also look at new ways of introducing reminiscence and life story work into our everyday activities whether at home or in a care setting.