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January-February Newsletter
The 2013 January and February newsletter of the Dementia Update, please click here to read January-February Newsletter

September-October Newsletter
The 2012 September and August Newsletter of the monthly dementia update newsletter, please click here to read September-October

August Newsletter
The 2012 August edition of the monthly dementia update newsletter, please click here to read August Newsletter

Cambridge Evening News, Big Walk
An article in the Cambridge evening news summarizing the Alzheimer’s Research Big Walk,  with a large interview with me about the nee d for new treatments and how Alzheimer’s can  affect everyone.
To read the article and interview please click here.

Recommended reading on Dementia

I can recommend this list of reading on Dementia published by Oxford County Council DementiaCoreRecommendedList. Details on how to obtain the publications are in the pdf document.

February Activity Idea

Please find the ideas for February Activities

Doll Therapy in Dementia Care – Information

Doll therapy is often used as a non pharmacological intervention which can help in reducing behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia this can have a significant improvement in the behaviour of residents with dementia when the dolls are introduced as a choice.

Advanced Dementia Study Day 31st May 2018

Chris will be hosting an Advanced Dementia Study Day on 31st May 2018 in Cambridge. Ticket sales will be opening soon so please revisit.

Advanced Dementia Study Day – Ticket News

Please read this post to find further details of the study day to be held on 31st May and a link to the ticketing office

Dementia Awareness Training at Essex County Council

Forget Me Not continues to provide Advanced Dementia Awareness training for Essex County Council through 2019.  

Free Dementia Study Workshop 5th March 2019

Please find details of a free Dementia Study workshop

See the latest testimonials

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This is me

This is me is a free downloadable resource. Read the post for further details

Incontinence and Suspicion

Read the post for further details on these free downloadable resources

Training videos

Read the post to get a glimpse of some of the training

Doll Therapy in Dementia Care

Please see the post for further details

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