Dementia Care Practice (New)

Duration: 6 hours – Course material includes handouts and completion certificate.


A training programme which promotes compassion, dignity, respect and shared decision making when caring for the ‘Person’ living with dementia.
In all health and social care settings good communication and relationships are now seen as central to high care.
This course provides and understanding of dementia and allows carers to explore and discuss how effective communication can improve the quality of life for a person with dementia. We will look at the effects on daily life and the importance of adapting the way we communicate to meet the needs of the person we are supporting. This day empowers staff on the frontline to make a difference using the Positive Approach to Care the day is designed to bring all staff sets together and demonstrates how residents are always at the heart of what we do. Your staff will not be disappointed with this interactive day.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demographics & statistics of dementia
  • An overview of the brain and its function
  • An understanding of the various types of dementia
  • An understanding of the symptoms of various types of dementia
  • Be able to communicate on a day-to-day basis
  • Knowledge of how to support people with dementia at mealtime
  • Be able to use the Hand under Hand technique
  • Gain knowledge about the different medications currently available for people with dementia
  • Understand the importance of working with families and friends of people with dementia
  • Be aware of what it might feel like to be a person with dementia
  • Positive ways to communicate
  • Non-verbal ways to communicate
  • Keeping people with dementia safe
  • Engaging in meaningful activities for people with dementia
  • Understanding the importance of reminiscence work
  • An introduction to doll therapy

This course is mapped across to QCF DEM201, DEM 202, CQC Outcomes and Tier 2.
This training can also be supported with the addition of a distance learning level 2 certificate in the Principles of Dementia Care which is fully funded, for further information please contact us.