Dementia Awareness 

Duration: One Full Day – Course material includes handouts and completion certificate.


This course provides an understanding of dementia and the impact it may have on the individual living with the disease. Having a better understanding of the disease will enable you to feel confident in caring and supporting a person with dementia. Learners will gain knowledge and a good understanding of what dementia means. We will look at the common signs and symptoms of dementia and gain a basic appreciation of how the brain works and links to our emotions and behaviours

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demographics & statistics of dementia
  • An overview of the brain and its function
  • An understanding of the various types of dementia
  • An understanding of the symptoms of dementia
  • Be able to communicate on a day-to-day basis
  • Be aware of what it might feel like to be a person with dementia
  • Understand what dementia is

This course is mapped across to meet the new Care Certificate Standards and QCF DEM201and DEM202. This training can also be supported with the addition of a distance learning level 2 certificate in the Principles of Dementia Care which is fully funded, for further information please contact us.